Quote of the Day – Gateways Edition

In addition, New York’s airports are gateways to the world, and you can travel to many global locations which are even stricter than New York City in their restrictions on gun ownership. You may find Cuba, Darfur, and North Korea … Continue reading

Quote of the Day – Government (dis)services Edition

However, make no mistake about it. The government doesn’t want to be efficient. Power is not obtained by doing what is required, but by fooling the populace into believing they need everything and making it impossible to obtain. Then, the … Continue reading

Quote of the Day – Worthless Edition

Although they also got a whole bunch of GM stock certificates, which are about as worthless a medium of exchange as Confederate money these days. (Although they’ll probably be as collectible in the future, and for the same reason.) – … Continue reading

Quote of the Day – Enemy Action Edition

In one of Ian Fleming’s novels, we learn that, “Once is happenstance, twice is coincidence, three times is enemy action.” I am beginning to wonder who Barack Hussein Obama really works for–because he is doing things that our enemies would do. For … Continue reading