Quote of the Day – Calm Discourse Edition

They’re apparently worried about the crazytalk by the Freepers. As opposed to the calm discourse that graced the darker corners of Democratic Underground these last eight years. Remember? About how the righteous proletariat was going to rise up and throw … Continue reading

Quote of the Day – What’s Tollerated Edition

If only Wilders’ supporters beheaded people or thronged outside embassies spewing various “death to” chants, he might have been invited to have tea with the queen. – Jonah Goldberg Why is it that saying something is horrid intolerance,  while actions … Continue reading

Quote of the Day – A Little Knowledge is a Dangerous Thing Edition

Unfortunately they probably not only know how to breath but have reproduction and voting figured out too. I figure that is the only explanation we have for the existence of all the people that want to ban guns. – Joe … Continue reading